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reebok classic,Blue sky ho body from the storm, as if the reinsertion general horse. That sword but Royal ah! Blue Ho shouted. I was defeated by secret law, luck only. Xiao Hai explained. Looked at the blue sky ho some crazy look, blue uncle heart laugh, if he knew Xiao Hai Ling Nan palace escaped and forced to force Nangong Lin and others, a move to kill Tantai Ming record, definitely not a test of it. To know to defeat a sword Royal and bombers to kill a sword that is very different, only the strength of a certain gap in order to kill.

reebok,Previously persuaded Xiao Hai is not a war boy is also a look of surprise, walked up and said: My name is blue Tianxiang, brother how to call? My name is Blue Sky Yang. Another person to take the initiative to introduce themselves. Xiao Hai nodded his head, be greeted. Several people did not say anything, blue sky and Xiao Hai Jing Jing meditation. Although the Blue Sky Hao Xiaohai surprised the strength, but it made his sinking ** fighting up the expansion, the typical fighting madman. Xiao Hai at the moment to do is to adjust their status, a so young six-order sword will have its extraordinary place, Xiao Hai meditation Bing mind at the moment, and strive to perfect posture and blue sky ho contest.

reebok pump,When you hear someone and the blue sky Hao contest when the blue people like to open the pot in general, want to come to the young generation worthy of the study to learn fighting only blue sky ho can play out, and everyone is looking forward to blue sky ho's performance, the Xiao Hai completely As a supporting role, many people do not know the name of Xiao Hai. Blue sky ho rise, Xiao Hai felt, they also got up, the two stood on both sides. Xiao Xiong, fist eye, do not have mercy, I am a blue sky on this one advantage, anti-beat. Blue sky bold and laughing.

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