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Date start16.10.2013 21:31 (1737 Days Ago)
Date end16.10.2013 21:31 (1737 Days Ago)
Description Starting in late 1927 and continuing until 1952,The New Jordans, the Transjordanian government that succeeded the Ottomans undertook an even more massive land program that took it literally into every village in the country. This British-designed program surveyed all cultivable land and assessed it for a new taxation regime, delineated village boundaries, established individual rights to land, partitioned socially-controlled land, and secured the state's rights to so-called state lands. This remarkable colonial land program was of far greater importance to the history of the new state of Transjordan than merely what it did for land tenure. Indeed, its effects on society, economy, and politics in the country would be profound and long-lasting.
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